Once you have installed the Giftnote module on your checkout, your store can begin collecting and sending Giftnotes.

Orders with Giftnotes can be seen by navigating to 'Orders' in the Giftnote backend. A summary can also be seen on the dashboard.

Here you are able to view the Giftnotes that have been created, their status, and some key details included in the Giftnote such as the message and the courier details.

1. View a Giftnote

To view and edit a Giftnote click on 'View' on the Giftnote summary.

You can then view the details and data fields captured within the Giftnote including the courier shipping code.

2. Modifying a Giftnote

You have the option to:

  • View the related order in Shopify

  • Edit the Giftnote details - perhaps a customer made a mistake with the message or recipient details. This allows you to edit the note before it sends.

  • Delete the Giftnote.

  • Force Delivery - If a customer reports an issue that a Giftnote wasn't sent or if you would like to send a test Giftnote to yourself without including a Courier, you can use this option.

3. Other Order page features

In addition, you are able to

  • Create a Giftnote from the Orders page based on a historical Shopify order ID.

  • Export a CSV of Giftnotes for data analysis. Please note, it is against our privacy policy and GDPR to send marketing material to Gifted customers unless they have 'opted in' to marketing.

  • Filter or Search for Giftnotes.

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