There are three typical users of Giftnote. Those being the Brand offering the service on their website, the customer purchasing the gift, and the gift recipient.

Below is a summary of how Giftnote works for each of these stakeholders.

The Giftnote Process

  1. A customer will add a product to the cart and proceed to the checkout like any typical order. On the checkout page, they will have the option to check a tickbox to add a Giftnote

Upon checking this box, they are then able to fill in the details for their Giftnote including the recipient's details and the gift message.

If you are installing via the post-checkout settings option. The Giftnote form will appear after the payment is processed

The recipient's details will be added in the delivery address fields and once the order is placed, it is sent to Giftnote.

2. The Customer (Gifter) is sent a confirmation email or SMS from Giftnote confirming the Giftnote has been recorded.

3. Once the merchant assigns a shipping carrier and tracking code to the order, this will be assigned to the Giftnote. When the courier delivers the goods and the tracking code is marked as 'Delivered', the Giftnote is sent to the recipient.

4. The merchant will have the opportunity to edit a Giftnote if required before it is sent.

5. Once the customer receives their goods and Giftnote, the customer is sent an email or text message confirming that the Giftnote and goods have been delivered.

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