How does Giftnote know when a parcel has been delivered or received?

GIftnote is integrated with over 600 international shipping carriers, meaning we most likely also work with your shipping partner of choice. Giftnote detects the carrier and tracking number attached to an order and actively tracks when the parcel status is updated to “delivered” or “picked up”. This change in status triggers Giftnote to automatically send the gift messages via text and email.

Does Giftnote work globally?

Absolutely. As mentioned, Giftnote is integrated with over 600 international shipping carriers. Our text message service also works globally. As long as your customer's gift receiver has a cell phone service in a supported country they will be able to receive their gift message as an SMS on delivery.

Does Giftnote have any lock-in contracts?

No, we don’t believe in unnecessary and bloated contracts. Giftnote is a PAYG app that is based on usage. Check out our pricing page to see our transparent pricing model.

How is Giftnote installed on my Shopify store?

Giftnote can be installed in two ways, depending on if you are using Shopify Plus or Shopify Basic/Standard/Advanced. The Giftnote team can assist you with this process. For stores on Shopify Plus, Giftnote can be installed on the checkout screen where customer delivery details are collected. This involves contacting Shopify to enable a checkout.liquid edits which is a Plus only feature. For stores on Shopify Basic/Standard/Advanced, Giftnote is installed on the order confirmation page after the checkout process. Shopify Plus merchants also have this option however it is recommended to use the checkout.liquid method for Plus stores.

What about other eCommerce platforms?

Giftnote is only available for Shopify stores currently.

Where does my customer leave a Giftnote for their loved ones?

Giftnote is available at the Shopify checkout screen where shipping information is provided, meaning your customer will never miss the opportunity to leave a paperless and automated gift message for their loved one.

How does tracked orders work?

Our API will scan about your past orders and find the tracking companies you have. The names of these carriers are set by your fulfillment center, so they can vary quite a bit. Once configured, we'll pick up the tracking number of your orders and deliver the gift message when we are notified that the parcel has been delivered.

I'm missing some carriers, what do I do?

We scan up to 2000 orders from your store. There is a possibility that a carrier you use hasn't appeared in one of those orders. If so, please reach out to your support member and our team will be able to configure it for you.

How is gifting information captured?

Our API will add gifting data to your order either as order attributes or metafields. We will detect this data and generate a giftnote in our system.

Which checkout option should I pick?

  • If you're on any Shopify plan, you can use Post Purchase. This will add a form AFTER a customer has completed an order to capture their gift information.

  • If you're on a Shopify Plus plan, you can use Checkout.liquid. This will add a form DURING the checkout to capture their gift information.

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