Our Gift Vouchers feature allows your customers to send a Gift Voucher with a Gift Message directly to their Gift recipient via SMS and or Email using a styled notification.

How to set up Gift Vouchers?

These instructions use our demo store: https://baby-burrito.com.au/

Feel free to place a test Gift voucher order using the discount code test100

Step 1: Create your Gift Voucher Product

Create your Gift Voucher Product in Giftnote to Sync with Shopify and add it somewhere easy to access within your stores' navigation.

Step 2: Customise your Gift voucher Modal.

After step 1 your pop-up modal will automatically be injected on the Gift Voucher page on your Shopify store. It will look something like this below.

This video explains how to customise the modal

Step 3: Add Check Balance Widget to your Shopify Theme

There may be cases where a Gift Voucher recipient doesn't use the full value of their voucher on the initial purchase. E.g $100 Gift Voucher and a $75 purchase would leave them with a $25 credit.

Customers are able to use this credit when they want and in order to check their balance, they can use this widget -

To add this widget to your store. Create a page on Shopify and add the following snippet to your theme code

<div class="giftnote-voucher-balance"></div>

Here is how to add the code:

Step 4: Configure your Gift Voucher Notifications.

If you'd like to change the look and feel of the default notifications you can edit them through the Notifications

SMS sender name is not available in the USA and Canada, so it is important to mention the brand name in your SMS notification templates.

For Reference the below syntax produced the following Text Message Example

πŸ‘Ά πŸ‘Ά πŸ‘Ά
{{ To }}, You just received a {{ Voucher Value }} Gift Voucher from {{ From }} for Babyburrito.com


{{ Gift Message }}
From {{ From }}


Use the code below at checkout to redeem your credit
Gift card code: {{ Voucher Code }}

NEW: You can now integrate Giftnote with your Klaviyo account to send your emails out of Klaviyo. This gives you more freedom around the look and feel and timing of your emails. Check out the docs

Step 5: Test your Gift Voucher Feature and Check Balance

The next step is to test your Gift voucher setup. Check out the video below to run through this test.

Hint: use your personal details to test the SMS and Email.

Step 6: Store Credit

Giftnote Gift Vouchers feature allows you to create store credit for your customers.

One example would be to send $10 to a customer because of shipping delays.

The Video below runs through how to do this.

Next Steps:

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