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This article outlines how to get your email and SMS notifications set up. These are the paperless gift messages sent on delivery or gift vouchers sent directly to the customer.

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This includes adding your SMS and Email sender names, Email Font family, Email Logo and Link, Background colors, and footer link.

These settings get applied globally to your Gift Order and Gift Voucher templates saving you time on setting it all up individually.

Step 2 - Edit your Order and Gift Voucher Notifications

For notifications, you have the option of using Giftnote to customize and send SMS and Email - or using our Klaviyo integration to send your emails (SMS will still be sent from Giftnote in this situation).

Below are the 8 different notifications you can set up in Giftnote.

The global branding settings will be applied to each of these automatically, you can then tailor the content accordingly on each individual notification page.

Quick Tip

Utilize our merge fields to personalize your Email and SMS content, this can also be added to Subject lines and headers.

  1. Add {{ To }} to display the gift recipient - e.g "Graham"

  2. Add {{ Gift Message }} to display the gift message e.g "I hope you enjoy the gift!"

  3. Add {{ From }} to display the gift sender e.g "Warren"

  4. For Gift Vouchers, you can additionally use {{ Voucher Value }} e.g "$100 USD"

You can see these reflected in the preview screen.

Example Email from

'Closing the Loop'

It is a good idea to include a call to action to a gift recipient to 'close the loop' and opt them into your marketing database, as they would otherwise be lost to you as a brand. This will send marketing material to the actual recipient, whose details would otherwise potentially be lost forever to your brand.

Here is an example

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