In order for customers to leave gift messages for tracked orders, you will need to install the Giftnote Widget at checkout.

There are a few options depending on which Shopify Plan you have.

This video summarises the options quickly.

BETA: We are testing a Shopify's beta checkout extension with Giftnote. 

Why? it allows a no code implementation via your theme editor but also allows us to show our widget if a customer us using Shop Pay to checkout.

If you are a Shopify Plus store and interested in trialling the beta please email [email protected]

If not you can proceed with the options below.

OPTION1 : Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify Plus Stores - Enable checkout.liquid on your Shopify Admin

In your Shopify Admin go to "Online Store" > "Themes" > "Current Theme" > "Actions" > "Edit Code" and find "checkout.liquid".

Copy and paste your configured "Liquid Snippet" from below into this file before </body> and press save.

Can't find "checkout.liquid"?

Please reach out to Shopify Plus support to enable checkout.liquid. This is not enabled by default for Shopify Plus users,

Please reach out to Shopify Plus support or ask your Shopify Plus manager to enable checkout.liquid.

Hide the Widget for Digital Products and Gift Cards

If you offer Gift Vouchers or any digital products. It is advised to hide the Giftnote modal for anyone who has one of these products in their cart at checkout to avoid any confusion.

As there will be no tracking ID for that order Gift orders won't work for that specific client.

To do this add the product ID's you wish to hide before copying the snippet to paste into your code. If you add new digital products after installing the widget, repeat the process and replace the old snippet code.

Option 2: All other Shopify Plans

In your Shopify Admin go to "Settings" > "Checkout" scroll to "Post-purchase page" and select "Gift Messaging @ Checkout".

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